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Who is Arganelle?

Our Inspiration for Women Empowerment

Argan tree is a flowering tree purely endemic to Morocco. The oil extracted from kernels of the plant is known to have incredible benefits on healing and moisturizing both hair and skin. The species of Argania Spinosa has been around for millions of years already, each individual tree can live up to 250 years!

In the southwest of Morocco where I was born and raised, I remember watching the women of our community extracting Argan oil every summer. It was part of my childhood, part of our tradition. I still recall the extraction, the nutty scent, the sound of the traditional hand-mills, and the women's lovely chants.

Over the years I have witnessed Argan oil become an immensely important aspect of the Moroccan women's lives. It has provided healthy, strong hair and skin to many of our women, and has also become their main source of income. I still visit my hometown of Morocco, but I have relocated to Toronto to help the women spread their 100% Pure Argan Oil and support their financial independence while maintaining my strong family ties and connections back home.

Our Promise

100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil, No Additives

Our Argan oil is extracted and prepared entirely by hand with no additives or filler chemicals. The Moroccan women use hand-mills to crack the Argan nuts and kernels to extract the oil.

Our product is guaranteed 100% Pure Argan Oil. They are processed in small batch and not produced in a factory environment. Just pure oil, straight from Morocco to your door.

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