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Cleaning out your children's shelves?

Make a difference. Donate a book .

At Arganelle, we support the education and discovery of our indigenous Amazigh* children by donating books from Canada and the USA. With the help of our family based in Toronto, we have already supplied hundreds of books to three public schools in Ait Baha, a community nestled in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The students we serve are our grandchildren, daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. Many women in our community only speak our mother tongue, Tamazight, a language passed down from the Paleolithic age. Our language is not welcomed or used beyond our peaceful matriarchal villages which causes our children to be dissociated from the English speaking world, and the English speaking world to be dissociated from our beautiful community.

Our children are highly educated in the sustainable arts, however, 1 in 3 Moroccans are illiterate. They are experienced in storing seeds, growing food, caring for the farm animals, celebrating through song, understanding a life of fairness between sexes, and practice a high regard for the Earth. But we fear our teachings are often limited to the edges of our village, which is why we wish to expand the Arganelle Library Project and continue to inspire the young minds of our children by improving Academic English.

The Arganelle Library Project, aims to set up a school library in several Rural Argan regions by collecting 1000 books to share amongst the libraries. In the High Atlas, there are currently no English book stores, public libraries, internet, credit cards or dependable mail service to order books online. This is why donations from abroad are crucial. We verify that the books are in good conditions, age-appropriate and culturally responsive before packing them to the destination in need.

So far, the project has collected books from donors, local communities and charity associations. We feel these books open the doors to a new world beyond the mountains surrounding the rural villages of Morocco and will help to facilitate a needed global conversation between our people and our fellow global citizens.

A donor once shared “I donated one of my favorite books about animals because I’m hoping, somewhere in Morocco, there is another little girl, who also loves animals and realizes this story is perfect for her, too.”

*Amazigh means "the free people." It is a name we have called ourselves for ages before colonists gave us the name Berber, a term given to settled farmers and migrant workers.


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