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Why Argan Oil Will Prove To Be The Best Thing You Apply On Your Face

Why Argan Oil Will Prove To Be The Best Thing You Apply On Your Face

An ancient Moroccan skincare and beauty secret, Argan oil is a magical product created from pure Moroccan oil and perfected at the hands of Moroccan women, who have made this local beauty regiment of theirs a worldwide phenomenon. Since ages, Moroccans have used argan oil as a form of protective care, beauty treatment and dermatological solution. In the modern world, the benefits of this brilliant oil are being used in our everyday cosmetics. Owing to the vast benefits, that Moroccan oil has for the skin, hair, nails, etc. it is so popular in the world of cosmetics. However, in this article we shall be shedding light on some of the reasons that makes this oil that is derived straight from the Argan tree, such a brilliant substance to be applied on your face for beauty and protection. Read on to know more about such benefits.

This oil is 100% natural

Morocco has a number of women’s cooperatives who work tirelessly trying to keep alive this archaic tradition of producing argan oil through the most effective procedure of hand pressing. Due to this, most of the argan oil cosmetics that are made today are actually 100% natural. Argan oil is one of the major sources of income for Morocco, and women cooperatives in this country work continuously to produce 2500-4000 tons of this brilliant cream on a yearly basis. Owing to the fact that Argan oil makes use of no artificial ingredients, it is a safe and tested substance for your facial creams and would prove to be highly beneficial to your facial skin, if applied.

An oil that reaps benefits

Argan oil is a single substance that is attributed with numerous benefits. Apart from being a rich source of essential fatty acids, this oil is also known to have antioxidant, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. This organic oil from Morocco also has a high content of linoleic acid, and therefore, can be considered as the best anti-aging element to be used in a facial cream. Linoleic acid is known to increase the elasticity of the skin and is also known to tighten the pores. Additionally, Vitamin E is a major component of this oil, which helps diminish redness, scarring and might even, be a viable solution for inflammation. It is the perfect anti-wrinkle cream, as it provides softness to the skin and protection from external irritants, while also being a deeply nourishing element to be used in facial creams.

A perfect solution for dermatological problems

Argan oil has the power to neutralize free radicals and acts on the soft tissues of the skin. Owing to these properties, any cream that contains Argan oil would prove to be a valid solution for dermatological problems like eczema, acne, psoriasis etc. As mentioned above, the Vitamin E content of these oils is another factor that helps this cream prove to be the best solution for tackling scarring, inflammation and redness of the skin, while also providing protection from external elements like the Sun’s UV rays and cold weather.

An oil that is derived from the oleaginous almond, which is found inside the fruit of an argan tree; the argan oil is a perfect solution for all types of skin. Given the aforementioned benefits, you can understand why it is considered to be the best solution for facial creams and prove to be a dermatological miracle. Therefore, if you are considering using an Argan oil facial cream, waste no time as we at Arganelle, have the widest variety of top quality facial creams with Argan oil being an important element in them. Buy now to reap the maximum benefits of this brilliant skincare solution.

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