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Pure Argan Oil: How It's Made

Pure Argan Oil: How It's Made

From Morocco, To You.

Sure, there's plenty of other "Argan oils" that you can find at the beauty store down the road.. But take a look at all the ingredients added, you'll notice it's not actually pure Argan oil at all!

Argan oil from Moroccan Argan trees

It's a Complicated, But Simple Process

Pure Argan oil doesn't go through any factories or processing plants, it doesn't get any ingredients added, it doesn't even require machines to be produced! It all begins from the Argan tree, native to southern Morocco. With the help of our incredible Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, and Women back home, we are able to create an authentic and PURE Argan oil. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Locating the Argan Trees

After living in Morocco and gathering Argan nuts on a near daily basis, it becomes second instinct to discover blooming Argan trees. If you're unsure, a good rule of thumb is to look for the trees with goats in them! Goats often climb Argan trees, they're also seeking the Argan fruit!

Goats climbing Argan trees

Goats climbing in the Argan Tree

Gathering the Argan Fruit

There's two ways of going about this.. One will make your hands dirty, the other will make your hands strong! In essence, the goal is to retrieve the Argan seed, which is found inside the nut. However, the husk of the Argan nut is rather tough!

1. Argan nuts that have been eaten and digested by the goats are much softer and easier to crack open! But yes.. That does mean searching through goat poop!


2. Moroccans can pick the Argan fruit directly from the tree. It is a far cleaner method but the outer shell is going to be much harder to break!

Argan nut found in Argan tree

The Argan nut has a hard shell that is often difficult to break with bare hands

Once the Argan seed has been taken out of the shell, we may proceed! Which of these 2 methods sounds better to you?! Let us know in the comments!

Grinding the Seed into Argan Oil

We're almost done! Now for the laborious part! Once the seed has been taken out of the tough Argan fruit shell, it's time to grind the seeds into oil. This is done by the Moroccan Women at home. Women work just about all day, everyday, turning a hand-mill to grind down the Argan seeds. The oily pulp that is produced from the Argan seeds is then called Pure Argan Oil.

Why is It Always Women?

Women of Morocco work hard to produce Argan Oil

Us Moroccans care extremely deeply about the Women of our culture. Although it seems like the women are always going out to gather the Argan fruits and grind the seeds into Argan oil, the duties are evenly dispersed! While the Women stay home and care for the house and Argan oil production, the Men of the family attend local markets and shops to sell their hand-crafted oils!

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