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Argan history

Argan history

The ancient Moroccan beauty secret is now out – and it is definitely found in Arganelle. Arganelle born to reveal the secret of the ages. It is an Argan product made from pure Moroccan oil made by hands of local Moroccan women. This is as natural as it can be and its authentic source is directly from the source and origin of the Argan trees. Though our product is in Morocco, we make it a point to have this made available in the North American region because we truly believe that all women of all ages should have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of Argan oil no matter where they are. Our main aim is to create a viable brand that is purely Moroccan oil from Argan trees. We want the secret of the ages to modern women to be out and become more available to more women possible. This is to bring in a good cash flow which will eventually enable us to provide a good amount for sharing with our Moroccan oil producers. We regard these women to be our partners in the business and we want to make sure they could be able to feel that the business is growing and all their hard work is being appreciated. There are also plans for further investments in equipping our partners’ village libraries with books in order for their kids to read and learn further. After all, our children are the future and they should always be well taken care of. We value the existence of these wonderful trees and we value more the people behind in taking care of them as well as the very capable hands of the women who produce the pure oil from them. While we start to solidify our product of pure Moroccan Argan oil, in the near future we will be adding more products that are deeply representing Moroccan natural beauty and wellness care. These products will include items such as Rose Water, Moroccan Black Soap and Ghassoul (also known as Clay mask) among others. We will then add – in on further on our product line as we go along.

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