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8 Tips for Radiant Skin – Inspired by Chelsea Lynn's Trip to Morocco

8 Tips for Radiant Skin – Inspired by Chelsea Lynn's Trip to Morocco

Although it is our LARGEST organ, many of us do not do what is best for our skin. The volume of skin care products can be overwhelming while cost and time present a variety of other constraints.

"It wasn’t until my visit to a Berber village in the dusty hills of Morocco that I discovered how easy caring for my skin could be! I found myself wearing no makeup and simply using argon oil on my entire body after my warm bedtime shower. The women invited me to apply home made masks that were made entirely of food. After a summer of low-stress, no make up and delicious organic foods, my skin was youthful and glowing with life!" – Chelsea Lynn

organic face mask made of food
Enjoying a carrot ginger mask with the women in Morocco. 

Achieving Radiant Skin:

Here are 8 skin care tips that I have prepared for you, inspired by my time in Morocco. My hope is that YOU too can achieve radiant youthful skin at any age. 

1. Fats. 

Your diet is a huge contributor to the health of your skin! As we all know, the skin is the body’s biggest organ. Unhealthy eating habits will always surface and show through the canvas of your skin. Unfortunately, in modern culture there are an extensive array of toxins and chemicals in foods that we should be avoiding. 

Fats are crucial because omega-6 fatty acids are the building components for your cell membrane. Healthy fats hydrate your skin and contribute to a natural, youthful radiance. The berbers eat fats with every meal, including olives for breakfast! Yes, it’s true; you can eat coconut oil, argan oil, avocado, fish, olives, cashew and peanuts to create a healthy fat intake! All of these will help to combat a dry and dull complexion and contribute to radiant skin.

2Keep it simple. 

The fewer products you put on your skin, the better. Are you often swayed by the latest, most promising products? Stick to the products you use and use a very high quality, chemical free product. Don’t be swayed by new products.

Jumping from product to product can cause the skin to react in unfavourable ways. Also, remember that break outs can occur from trying new products. Acne flare ups may occur, but again, they can be avoided by consistent usage of a simple, dependable skin care product.

Radiant skin of the Locals of Morocco
The flawless skin of the locals

3. Leave it alone. 

Zits happen. If you have a blemish don’t touch it! Popping it, playing with it or covering it with makeup with result in spreading and scaring. Bacteria and puss from the eruption will spread the bacteria. Simply put, popped pimples cause more pimples! So do your best to leave imperfections alone. A dab of tea tree oil will help to dry the blemish out and keep it clean!

4. Clean pillow, clean face. 

One of the things that you may be overlooking is the importance of washing your linens at least once a week. Makeup and oil can accumulate on your pillow case and make their way back into your pores. If your linens are not washed on a regular basis, your face is being rubbed into a contaminated surface. Sleeping on your back will also prevent pressure between your face and any accumulated oils on the pillow. 

5. Take your vitamins. 

The modern diet, plagued by genetically modified foods may not be coming through for you and your skin. There are some easy to detect signs when looking for a deficiency. Here are a few:

Scaly skin patches, brittle hair and nails: Low biotin, or Vitamin B7.

Dry and scaly skin: May also be caused by a lack of vitamin A.

Flakey and irritated skin: Potentially a lack of vitamin D.   

Sundamaged skin: An indicator of low vitamin E.

Scaly and rough skin: Potentially deficient in vitamin C.

Irritations and problems may be an indicator of vitamin deficiencies. Some nutrients may be low or missing all together. Pay attention to what you are eating on a daily basis as well as the variety of foods at each meal. Consider a multi-vitamin or vitamin shake to help boost healthy skin!

6. Skip the makeup. 

Radiant skin after spending the Summer in MoroccoRadiant skin after a summer in Morocco. No make up!

Makeup is not good for your skin. It can be filled with chemicals which clog pores and prevents your skin from breathing. By not wearing makeup, oils will not be masked, and skin will become clearer. But remember, if you wear makeup on a daily basis, pimples may occur from skipping makeup! This is a good sign that your skin is detoxing and you are on your way to vibrant skin!

7. Use a night cream. 

Facial cremes can offer on the outside what food offers from the inside. A good night treatment can moisturize and help repair and restore skin. A night treatment of argan oil alone can provide endless benefits to your skin. Apart from being a rich source of essential fatty acids, this oil is also known to have antioxidant, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It has a high content of linoleic acid, and therefore, can be considered the best anti-aging element to be used in a facial cream. 

Linoleic acid is known to increase the elasticity of the skin and is also known to tighten the pores. Additionally, Vitamin E is a major component of this oil, which helps diminish redness, scarring and might even be a viable solution for inflammation. It is the perfect anti-wrinkle cream as it provides softness to the skin and protection from external irritants. This deeply nourishing element is often used in facial creams!

So whether it’s argan oil or your favorite overnight creme, give your skin a night treatment to wake up glowing! 

Argan oil promotes radiant skin in Moroccans
The flawless skin of the locals

8. Celebrate your skin! 

Picking at all of the blemishes and dwelling on spots and imperfections can lead to a low inner self worth, as well as more flaws in the skin! So, celebrate your skin!

Celebrate the miracle of your skin and your body, focus on the good and the beautiful. Allow the mental to reflect the physical. This is the highest form of radiance, the radiance of the heart, a radiance that works far beyond any beauty product. The glow of self love will show through your skin and your whole being.


Thank you to Chelsea for writing and providing this amazing article for us to use at Arganelle! Head over here to check out more blog articles, or, head over to our Argan Oil page if you want to achieve radiant skin too!


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